~About the Book~

The Diagnostic Reading Inventory for Primary and Intermediate Grades was first published in 1989 and represented ten years of writing, field-testing, rewriting and retesting. The finished product was extremely well received by college professors, teachers, reading specialists and diagnosticians. It has been a valuable resource for college students working toward certification in reading. Directions have been written precisely, samples given, and a variety of levels included so the examiner could utilize the test in any elementary, middle school or clinical setting with the goal of identifying reading deficiencies or evaluating students for a gifted reading program. Readability was determined through use of the Fry Readability Formula.

The thirteen tests included in this third edition were developed so students in Grades K-8 could be tested individually or in a group setting, utilizing the data for classroom instructional purposes and parent conferences. The Diagnostic Reading Inventory for Primary and Intermediate Grades is intended to provide the busy educator with a ready means of assessing student needs and developing individual assignments for children reading at various levels within the classroom or clinical setting. It should be noted that unless otherwise indicated Primary designates Grades K-3 and Intermediate refers to Grades 4-8, inclusive.

The thirteen tests at each grade level include:

Recognizing that good educators broaden their horizons daily, constant effort has been made to keep the Diagnostic Reading Inventory for Primary and Intermediate Grades current with today's educational philosophy while streamlining teacher work time.